We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers for you

We have 3 pick-up locations in Masai, Skudai and Bukit Indah. Please refer to the Location Guide for more details.

Yes. Please contact our person in charge for further assistance.

Yes, a repositioning fee will be levied for one-way rental. Details of the charges will be made available at the time of booking. 

Extension of rental is to be communicated directly to the person in charge.

Please check your registered email. A copy of the booking confirmation would be sent to your email.

Yes, the booking can be cancelled. The cancellation refund policy is as follows:
- 70% refund for cancellations of 7-14 days before booking date
- 50% refund for cancellations of 3-7 days before booking date
- 20% refund for cancellations of 1-2 days before booking date  

Renters must be above 21 years old without the “P” licence.

Renters must have a valid driver’s licence. Other nationals who hold a valid driving licence in English can drive in Malaysia for a maximum of 3 months. Probational licence holders will not be accepted.

You will need to present your I/C or passport, a valid driving licence and a valid credit card. Gem Car Rental Johor Bahru reserves the right to refuse its car rental services if renters are unable to submit these things.

There is no surcharge for additional drivers. However, they must fulfill the standard terms and conditions of Gem Car Rental Johor Bahru in Malaysia.

Yes. If someone else drives the car without Gem Car Rental’s permission, you have violated the contract terms. In the event where the police stop the unauthorized driver, said driver can be detained or even arrested as they do not have any legal right to be in possession of the car.

The Renter shall be held responsible for all damages caused to the vehicle, including theft regardless of fault.

Each vehicle under Gem Car Rental Company is rented out with a full tank of fuel and must be returned the same. Otherwise, the renter will be charged for a refill upon return.

Your rental car will run on Diesel or RON95, which depends on the car model you choose. Please check with the person in charge for further details.

Gem Car Rental Johor Bahru accepts the following payment methods:
Debit/Credit Visa, FPX online payment MasterCard, Paynow & cash payments.  

A pre-authorization deposit of up to RM300 per month will be taken excluding the estimated charge of your intended rental.

Pre-authorization is needed to cover miscellaneous charges such as fuel, damages to the rented vehicle upon return, summons, etc.

It will take approximately 14 days but, in some circumstances, it may take longer depending on your debit/credit card-issuing bank.

Incidents such as this would rarely occur. That said, our team will thoroughly investigate any case or claim of duplicate bookings and will only refund payments made due to technical glitches.

Gem Car Rental will issue a copy of the official invoice and Rental Agreement via email for our customers.

Kindly call the insurance company’s (based on each car’s insurance company) 24-hour Road Assistance Service.

The mileage limit of the vehicles from Gem Car Rental is 300km per day.

Smoking and bringing strong-smelling food is strictly prohibited in all GEM Car Rental vehicles. A penalty fee of RM300 will be incurred for smoking in the vehicle.

Minor problems will be 100% settled by us. In the case of a major or serious accident, an insurance claim will be made. We will ensure that the car is under E-Hailing insurances which legally enable the driver as an authorized insurance claimer.

Gem Car Rental Company provides car seats, boosters, and strollers with an additional charge of RM10 per day.

Gem Car Rental is a professional vehicle rental service in Johor Bahru, Johor.